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Privacy policy

When is personal data collected

ANS Finland is responsible for the development and maintenance of the air navigation system in Finland. Securing the safest, smoothest and most efficient air navigation system possible requires ANS Finland to process personal data.

ANS Finland collects and processes personal data, for example, in the processing of flight plans and in connection with the air traffic control services, aeronautical information services, air rescue services, training services as well as information and consultation services it provides.

ANS Finland also collects personal data in connection with the use of the websites it provides [www.ansfinland.fi and www.ais.fi]. ANS Finland also links or integrates the services of other service providers, such as the airport operator, to its own website. Such services are subject to the privacy policies and terms of use of these third parties.

In addition to ANS Finland, other operators operating at Finnish airports, such as airport operators and airlines, collect and process personal data. In this case, the processing of the personal data collected by them is based on the privacy policies of those operators, and ANS Finland is therefore not responsible for the implementation of their privacy protection or terms of contract.

What personal data is collected

ANS Finland collects, for example, the following information concerning the processing of flight plans: aircraft identification, pilot in command, flight plan, fax number and personal data, such as the author’s name, e-mail address, telephone number and fax number.

With regard to training services, ANS Finland collects, for example, the personal data of trainees.

With regard to airspace, ANS Finland collects personal data related to, for example, the management, reservation and monitoring of airspace.

ANS Finland collects, for example, personal data in order to maintain obstacle filing system data related to aeronautical information publications.

With regard to ANS Finland’s newsletter subscription service, ANS Finland collects, for example, newsletter subscribers’ name and e-mail information.

ANS Finland collects, for example, the following information of the users of its online services: IP address, terminal device identifications, session data and other additional information about the use of ANS Finland’s services.

ANS Finland also collects personal data through feedback and contact forms, in which case it processes and uses the information provided in accordance with the data protection regulations and only to process this feedback.

ANS Finland will not share this data with third parties unless it is necessary to process the feedback or there is another lawful and justified reason for the disclosure.

ANS Finland also collects non-personal data; this refers to, for example, information related to the use of ANS Finland’s online services from which an individual person cannot be identified.

How is personal data collected and processed

The Flight Planning Centre collects flight plan data through ANS Finland’s websites, national and international aeronautical communication networks and a public telephone service to provide customers with air traffic control, search and rescue services. Based on the data, air traffic control and air rescue services use the identification information of aircrafts that is reveiced, among others, from the radar in air traffic control services, which include, for example, aircraft communication and monitoring services as well as conventional navigation services.

In addition, the Airspace Management Cell obtains personal data through the authorities. The data is submitted via the airspace reservation request form located in an online service maintained by the authorities. Reservations are based on the described operations manual approved by the authorities.

ANS Finland automatically collects personal data on the people visiting its websites and on the users of its online services in order to provide and develop its services, take care of information security and prevent the misuse of services.

Aircraft identification and flight plan information will be delivered to the airport operator, Finavia Oyj, for its own purposes, including invoicing.

All the data collected is used for the aforementioned purposes.


ANS Finland uses cookies and other similar technologies in the statistical monitoring of the number of visitors to its services and in order to identify terminal devices, monitor and analyse the use of its services and usage habits, improve the quality of its services and further develop its services.

A cookie is a small text file that the browser stores on the user’s terminal device. Cookies usually contain an anonymous, unique identifier that can be used to identify the browsers using the services.

The website uses the cookies of the following applications:

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Cookies are used to facilitate the use of the service and to compile statistics on its usage rates.

Changes to this privacy policy

ANS Finland is continuously developing its services and may periodically make changes to this privacy policy without prior notice. If this privacy policy is changed substantially, ANS Finland will announce it on its website.

General information

As a rule, ANS Finland does not use a consent-based approach in the collection of personal data.

If the privacy statements published on websites are changed substantially, ANS Finland will announce it on its website [www.ansfinland.fi].